History of Islam


I have decided to research the history of Islam, and I will  create a blog showing what  I have done and how I have gone about doing it.

Day 1

Organizing my work

I got a lever arch file and put in a file divider with six sections. I also created a folder on my computer and named it Islamic History. Then I created 6 folders inside my main folder and named them as follows:

Prophet’s Madina

Khilafah Rashidah

Khilafah Umayyah

Khilafah Abbasiyah

Khilafah Uthmaniya

Nation States

I also named the sections in my lever arch file the same. These are the 6 eras of Muslim history I will research

Day 2

An Overview

I needed a time line for the 6 ere for Islamic history. This is what I found.

Prophet’s Madina      622 CE      10 years

Khilafah Rashidah     632 CE      30 years

 Khilafah Umayyah     661 CE      90 years

Khilafah Abbassiyah   750 CE     760 years

Khilafah Uthmaniya   1517 CE    400 years

Nation States                1924 CE

These are roughly about right. The number of year each era lasted has been rounded so that it is easier for me to remember.

I also made a title page for each section of my leaver arch file, printed it off and inserted it in the correct place in my file. I  needed maps of the past  witch was hard to find  Khilafah Uthmaniya and Abbasiyah.

day 3

I found some facts about the Uthmaniya , Abbasiyah and the prophets Medina. I found some maps of the Abbsiyah

day 4

I researched how the Umayyad ruled I used this web site:


day 5

I searched up on how the umayyad lost their power to the Abbasids.

day 6

I wrote what I remembered about how the Umayyad ruled and how they lost their power.

day 7

Now I’m going to start the Abbasid era, how they lost their power and the battles that took place.I will explore how the fatimids rose to power in Egypt.

The Fatimids were people who wanted the descendants of Ali to rule so they broke apart and they separated from the Khilafah, because they got power in Egypt this separated north Africa from the rest of the Islamic state.

The Fatimids belonged to the Ismaili sect of Shi’ism, which many Islamic scholars historically have classified as outside of the fold of Islam itself.

day 8

i used the this  web site http://lostislamichistory.com/article/  I started the crusaders they were Christians who attacked the Muslim lands to get Jerusalem off the fatimids. The Turks who saw them selves as the defenders of the faith fought them but were over powered as no help came from Baghdad or the other provinces

Crusaders entered through Anatolia and captured land along the coast up to Jerusalem.  The crusaders went all the way to Jerusalem they killed everyone.The caliph  was weak he did not do much. The Muslims were disunited that is why the crusaders found it easy.

day 9

on the web site  above it tells you about crusaders n three parts invasion,occupation and liberation.

day 10

Around 100 years later the Mongols came in the Islamic state they laid waste to the land and the rivers were filled with ink. I wrote what they had done and I located on the internet  were the battles were. I also got some maps showing where the  battles took place.







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